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The Hounds Of Love Are Calling

I've always been a coward, and I don't know what's good for me

Tales of the Living, Breathing Fish.
2 February



+ Dana, 21, BFA creative writing, agnostic, liberal non-partisan


+ This journal is friends only (sort of).
+ I will be keeping (aka: storing) old stuff like poetry in this journal and mementos and memories. Soon you'll be able to find all the moments of my life and existance though 'tags' and 'memories'. That will be kept down below.
+ This journal is uncensored. I am not going to worry about people responding to journal entries. Some will be clear, but most will be ambiguous and meant for me. If you're on my FL, feel free to comment, just not saying "OMGWTFLOLw0tt?". That would really piss me off. I don't care if you get it. I'll be posting a lot of "nonsense"--deal.
+ If you somehow know me through a community (and in that case I really wouldn't use this name, but...) please add my old journal, which is much easier to understand.
+ I do not need to comply with any rules set by your journal. I will not comment 50 times on your angsty entry, and I do not expect you to do the same for mine.
+ This journal is basically a documentation of my life. If that interests you, I'll add you. Simple as that. Again, if sanity and memes are more you're thing, PLEASE friend my other journal here. THANKS.


+ Tag links coming soon for easier navigation.